Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sisters from another mister

After spending 24/7 together for the past 2 months, Laura and I have become very VERY close. Maybe too close... I think the longest we've been apart was for an hour to get ayurvedic massages. Even then I finished earlier and tried to wait right outside her door but the lady shooed me downstairs, assuring me she was almost done. I was just so excited to compare stories and experiences! 
Our nonstop interactions have had many effects including shared colds, the purchase of matching outfits (Laura's sari in green and mine in red), the ability to finish each others sentences, the skill of reading each others thoughts and moods, and a complete dependance on one another (mostly on Laura's part heheh). We've really just become an old married couple. Laura reading the newspaper in the morning with her coffee while I read the comics and entertainment section with my tea. No words need to be spoken and when they are Laura doesn't hear me due to her hard of hearing and I don't listen when she answers. But like all comfortable marriages, the broken conversations just work. 



The last effect of our never-ending time together (or maybe it was always there and we just didn't notice it until now), is showing itself in our looks. Many people have been asking us whether we are sisters, are related, or even twins. We always laugh and answer "Just friends", passing it off as the typical "all white people look the same." Then we looked through the pictures...

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